With 18 X 16” Repairs

$75.95 Qty 1-23

$71.95 Qty 24+

Repair Kit, Puncture, Pneumatic Tire.

For use on Heavy Equipment; Earth Mover; Loaders and Graders; 20"+ HEMTT and PLS; Industrial and Agricultural Tires. Contains 18-16" 20cm Plug Repairs; Heavy Duty Metal T-Handle 9 1/8" Insertion Tool; Metal T-Handle 8 1/8" Non-Rasping Probe, made from 7mm Allen Key Stock; Lube and Easy to use Instructions; in Storable 12"X 8"X 2.5" High Impact Case. Front split eye open needle can accommodate up to 3 Plugs per insertion, with Easy Instructions

Plug Repairs Quan.18, 16” 20cm, Rubberized Nylon Cord Repair Plugs. On the Wheel Repair, NO CEMENT NEEDED. HOLOGRAPHIC and X-RAY Tested, Total rubber saturation protects against air loss, ply separation, and wire cord corrosion around the site of repair.

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