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Safety Seal GC

is a Subsidiary of NSLC


                                                    NSN 5180-01-542-8147; MIL/STRIP

                                                    30 X 8" Repairs

                                                                              Qty 1-35 $29.90

                                                                               Qty 36+ $25.00 

Safety Seal, Used to repair Medium to Large truck tubeless tires 17" and up (GVW 4,000-40,000 lbs.)  No Cement Needed.

Suggested uses: STRYKER, MRAP, SEMI, LMTV, MTV's- material handling equipment, tractor wrecker, and dump truck model-HEMTT, PLS tractors, armored/HMMWV/MRAP etc. Kit contains 30 8" permanent plug repairs packaged in sand/waterproof reseal able bags.
Total rubber saturation protects against air loss, ply separation and wire cord corrosion around site of repair. Rubberized nylon cords in repair plug conform to shape of puncture. These permanent plugs have been proven safe and effective for the life of the tire. Used with SS-KTPB and SS-KTPXB Tire Repair Kits

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